Submersible Pumps

Submersible well pumps are proper for domestic and industrial water supply.

Tesla submersible well pump range includes a line of 3”- 6” canned-type water-filled motors. a line of 4” rewindable-type cooled by FDA approved liquid, and a new line of 6”-14” rewindable-type water-filled-motors.

4” series of the submersible well pumps high performance water-filled submersible motors complete with starting capacitor.

So, These well pumps function perfectly for different purposes. For instance, aqueducts, fire-fighting systems, pressurized water systems, shower and running irrigation, several other industrial applications, and Farming and agriculture.

They work with long life, high efficiency. These well pumps have high durability, and solid construction, easy service operation. They are a suitable connection in NEMA standards, water-lubricated rubber bearing. Also, have a built-in check valve. So that to prevents backflow.

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